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At Perry Law Firm, LLC, we help people resolve issues, defend their rights, protect their property and their children, and develop plans that will provide for their loved ones long into the future. Our office is in Gulfport, Mississippi, and we help clients throughout Harrison County and the surrounding area.

Before becoming an attorney, Jane Harris-Perry earned a degree in psychology. While taking care of her own aging parents, she learned about how a good estate planning lawyer can make a huge difference for families, and she decided to become a lawyer to help others.

She has now been practicing law for more than 15 years, and she draws on her full range of experiences to help clients resolve their issues in a way that is honest, efficient and effective.

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Estate Planning And Probate

In our estate planning and probate practice, we help people protect their property and provide for loved ones and favorite charities long into the future. When you are our client, we draft wills, powers of attorney and other tools that are designed specifically for you and your families’ needs and goals.

We also help executors and other clients through the often-frustrating process of moving an estate through probate, filing taxes, meeting deadlines and resolving issues when they arise.

Divorce And Family Law

Disputes involving divorce, child custody, child support and other issues in family law can be difficult for everyone involved. We know what you are going through when you come to us for help with these issues, and we treat you with compassion as we work to resolve your issues, defend your rights and protect your children.

Learn About Your Options

To begin learning about your options in divorce, family law, estate planning, probate, DUI defense, personal injury and more, talk to an experienced lawyer. Call our office at 228-280-3413 or contact us by email.