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Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn gets divorced

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2021 | Divorce

The acclaimed actor Sean Penn has portrayed exotic characters from far off lands, but now he’s part of a drama set much closer to home. His wife Leila George has filed for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The couple were married for little more than a year, but apparently Ms. George is ready for a fresh start. The wedding was held virtually amidst the pandemic after four years of dating.

George was Penn’s third wife. The “Mystique River” actor wed pop star Madonna in 1985 before separating four years later. His longest marital stint was with actress Robin Wright, a union that lasted from 1996-2010.

Penn has starred in numerous notable films over his illustrious career, including I Am Sam, Carlito’s Way, Sweet and Lowdown, and 21 grams. He’s also worked behind the camera, directing the films The Indian Runner, The Crossing Guard, and The Pledge.

George is the daughter of well-known actor Vincent D’Onofrio.

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