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Is your child custody plan being tested during the holidays?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Family Law

We’re in the time of the year when many families in Mississippi and throughout the country are planning to spend time together to celebrate the holidays. For most people, there is both joy and stress, but the stress can outweigh the joy for families that are doing their best to adhere to child custody plans. This time of year can really put those plans to the test.

So, is your child custody plan being tested as the new year approaches? If so, a recent news article offered a few tips for parents so that they can try their best to make their child custody plans work.

Custody plan tips

For example, the recent news article suggested something of a “golden rule” for parents to remember: the children come first. Yes, it can be difficult for parents to come to an agreement or make concessions when it comes to the children and how time will be spent during the holiday season, but remembering that the lives of the children—their routines, needs and even time with the other parent—take precedence.

The recent article also suggested that being united with your co-parent is a laudable goal, but we all know that is often easier said than done. Perhaps the most realistic goals are just to agree to split the holidays as evenly as possible, as the article also suggested, and to try to make sure that any gift-giving is coordinated so that one parent isn’t seen to be “spoiling” the children. Of course, no matter how many tips you might hear, your situation is unique. Making a child custody plan work can be difficult but is necessary.