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We can help with the property division process

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2022 | Divorce

With over 15 years of experience focused primarily on family law, we know the property division process. This is important because the divorce property division process is often the most complex part of the Mississippi process, especially as we are one of the few states left that does fault-based divorces. Founding attorney, Jane Harris-Perry, takes the time to understand your unique circumstances, explain our state’s unique laws and discuss your property division options in depth.

Fault-based divorce

Only 5% of states have a fault-based divorce scheme, also known as equitable distribution. The judge bases their property division decisions on who caused the Gulfport, Mississippi, marriage to fail. The family law judge divides the marital estate based on what is fair. They can assign value based on their own fairness assessments.

The marital estate

We use the law as the baseline to fight for what you want, but we need to know how the property was acquired and when. This is because, during the property division process, only the marital estate is divided. Separate property remains the property of its original owner. Generally, everything acquired during the marriage is part of the marital estate, although some separate property can become marital property.

What qualifies is not always clear cut

Depending on how separate property is paid for, used and maintained, it could become marital property. Perry Law Firm, LLC, knows how to push your interests to ensure you get everything you are entitled to receive.

For example, what if the Gulfport, Mississippi, family home was purchased before you married your spouse. While it was purchased before you knew your spouse, you have spent years in the property, paid the mortgage, paid for renovations and kept the property up to date. Is it still separate property? Our family law attorney would step in to fight for your rights in this property.

Experience where it matters

The Perry Law Firm’s job is to be the advocate for our Gulfport, Mississippi, clients. We are aggressive in litigation, but compassionate in the process. We want to find a resolution that makes you happy and allows you to move on to your new, single life.