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When does spousal maintenance end in Mississippi?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2023 | Family Law

For couples, divorce can present many complicated issues. This is especially true with matters like child support and spousal maintenance, where relationships get converted into math equations. Spousal maintenance is no longer used as a punitive method, but instead as a tool to allow each spouse to receive the standard of living determined needed by the court. But, when does spousal maintenance end?

Spousal maintenance types revisited

Mississippi does not allow for spousal support for all marriages, only those that qualify. Our state also allows for several types of spousal support payments: periodic payment, lump sum, temporary, reimbursement and rehabilitative. This post will discuss the most common payment types, lump sum and periodic payment.

Lump sum payments

Lump sum payments are what they sound like, a set payment that can be paid all at once or over time. This payment type ends once paid in full.

Periodic payments

Periodic payments are recurring payments that are set forth at the court’s discretion. They could be set for any length of time up to indefinitely. But, when could these periodic payments end? Periodic payments are set to end when either the spouse passes away or the person receiving the support remarries or cohabitates with another partner.

Modification of periodic payments

It is also possible to petition the courts to modify periodic payments for circumstances like financial hardship of the paying spouse. Because courts have an enforcement mechanism for missed payments, it is important to request modifications for alimony when your financial situation deteriorates due to an emergency or job loss. Note, this does not include purposefully abandoning a job to say you cannot make payments.